"Think you know Rugby?" is an educational app which enables people to learn about the game of rugby, and also to test their knowledge of the game, thereby inviting newcomers and enthusiasts alike.

Users can browse player statistics for a Rugby team (New Zealand All Blacks and USA Eagles are currently supported), and test their knowledge with the interactive quiz.

The central idea is to allow users to grow in their knowledge of rugby and player trivia with the quiz, which is straightforward and accessible to newcomers. Enthusiasts can enjoy confirming their knowledge by taking the quiz.

The quiz consists of a round of 7 randomly chosen questions, based on supplied rugby data. After taking the quiz, the user is scored and given an indication of how much they know about rugby

There is further potential in extending the game if more player data is made available, for example, supporting more teams, and varying questions (historical trivia, rules of the game, etc).

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