52% of Americans are spending more than they earn, out of which, 21% regularly have monthly expenses in excess of their income and 13.5% adjust their spending the following months to get their finances back on track. 50% of Americans set up a monthly budget and 21% fail to meet that budget at least six months out of every year.

One of the biggest reasons for overspending is the rise of unnecessary purchases - especially in online shopping. We want to address this issue by making a simple yet effective tool that promotes mindful and ethical consumption.

What it does

  • Think Twice is a simple google chrome extension that when a customer is clicking “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” there is a reminder that allows them to think twice about their purchase. If they are sure that it is the right decision, then a reason for purchase is recorded and the purchase is confirmed.
  • Our focus is on simplicity - simple-to-use, simple-to-install. We want to keep consumption efficient on online channels but also ethical.

How we built it

  • Think Twice is a google chrome extension that is enabled when you add an item to cart on amazon. It gives you the opportunity to enter a reason why you are purchasing the product, allowing you to “think twice” about your decision. Your purchase history is stored and you can look back on the decisions you have made and the reasons why.

Challenges we ran into

  • Some challenges we ran into were building out the chrome extension itself as none of us have ever done it before. We had also incorporated a fully fledged authentication system before we realized it was unnecessary for the project.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • Learning how to work with Chrome API for the first time.
  • Learning how to build a google chrome extension for the first time.
  • Working with a new platform for web based applications.
  • Working with multiple users with one code base at one time and working in an agile development cycle.

What’s next for Think Twice

  • Incorporate NLP with Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud to analyze your reasons for purchase.
  • Publicly launch and publish Think Twice as an easy-to-use and accessible google chrome extension for online shoppers.

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