We created this after brainstorming different ways to implement an interactive clicking game into a real life situation instead of a purely entertainment game. This application measures the user's reaction time by displaying a circle on the screen and timing how long the user takes to touch the circle. To make this game, we used a game engine platform called Godot and created images that we could interact with using Photoshop and Gimp, two image-editing softwares. When we first started, we had a lot of trouble learning the syntax and API because none of us have had any experience using this software. Despite the challenges, we made a working, albeit refined, program that gets the end result we were looking for. From this project, we learned that if we work hard and put our minds to it, and use utilize different online resources, we can figure out how to fix buggy code and make a functional program. The future is bright for Think Fast. We are planning on cleaning the code and improving the graphics. At the moment, the end of the program is a fun little message, but we are planning on changing that to give meaningful data that can be used by doctors to give a quick concussion test or as a cognitive ability assessment.

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