We got the inspiration from the opening ceremony when there was a task announced to create a quiz that helps students who are coming into McMaster university, and are unsure of what type of engineering they want to go into. We decided to go with the plan since all of us have very little coding experience, and this project seemed very doable with our skill.

What it does

It gives the user of the program a series of questions that adds points into a specific stream of engineering (eg: civil, mechanical) based on which answer the user picked. After all the questions have been answered then the program will show the top 3 choices of streams the user should consider using the info from their answers.

How we built it

We used an IDE called processing which is based off of java. It let us see how our graphics are showing with respect to our questions. We used a lot of photoshop and animation commands to make the set of questions visually appeal, yet relevant to our project. Anytime the users mouse went over a choice we would have a small animation sequence to engage the user in their choice, and alert them of what their choice means. Other than that it was very simple code focusing more on the visual appeal of the program which is why we used processing.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time creating the animations. Some of the animations we wanted to do were taking up too much time, and ended up being too complicated for the time we had, so we had to stop and retry. This caused us to have the latter slides in our program being very plain and simple which ruined the effect of the program. Furthermore, one part that really put us behind was creating the questions for the quiz. We came up with the first 5 questions very rapidly, but after that point coming up with distinctly different questions became an issue, and having diversity in some questions wasn't possible. This hindered us in time since we had to spend more time to figure out a good set of questions that can help us analyze the users answers in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we finished this process in the first place. As our first hackathon it made us understand what it is like to work on a project as a team, and the different roles each person has to do.

What we learned

We learned that coding isn't and individual effort, and everybody's different skill working together creates a good flow which greatly benefits the project outcome.

What's next for Think Engineering Quiz - Engineering aptitude test

We might work on it on the side by buffing up the animations more, and making the slides more similar in terms of animation. We might also work on how to get a more accurate and true result from the quiz since some rounds through the quiz can be skewed just by the weighting of points on certain questions. Overall the project might have a future.

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