I have a lot of trouble understanding people

I get messages all the time that I just cant quite understand what they are trying to tell me

I spend hours sometimes days ruminating on the hidden underlying messages of all sorts of text and emails

If there was some way that I could make sense of the emotions and thoughts hidden in the messages

What better way to understand people then to write a program to do it for me.

I was first introduced to IBM Watson at the techcrunch hackathon this 5/7/2015, 2 days prior to this event

At this event, I had an interesting idea of analyzing the text messages you receive from other people and than determining what kind of attitude they have towards you. I built this to determine if potential romatic interests where also interested in me.

But I realized that this solution is both too simple and too complicated

1) too simple because you can only really analyze just one message

2) too complicated because you have to go through 4 steps to have a message analyzed

So I thought, what if there was a more user friendly way of analyzing messages. But also, what if you could determine emotions and personality types of entire conversations? What if you could see where a conversation dialogue is leading too?

I present to you my idea: Think Carefully

Think Carefully is a product that takes any form of conversational data that you choose to add to it.

Right now we are just seeing my personal emails, but you could easily integrate text messages or any system supports 3rd party integration

Now this is a highly functional prototype, I focused on the user experience rather than integrating messaging platforms.

So here is the product, why don't i reply to an email?

(click around)

oh my, that message is quite mean, I am glad that Watson proof read that message for me

the business justification for this is incredibly simple.

in my mind, a successful business is determined by how many people you can help.

This application can easily help people with autism, salesmen, customer relationship management platforms, technical support forums, even journalists in drafting articles to colleagues.

There is no virtual limit to how we can use this platform

I implore everyone here, help me build this further, help me turn this into something that we can all be proud of

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