During this pandemic, it has become extremely important to make sure that we take all the necessary steps to keep this coronavirus away from us. Since the vaccination process is still in progress (more depends on the population of the Nation), the only way to stop the virus is to kill it. The only proven method to kill most of the viruses and germs is by using 'UVC Germicidal Lamp'. Because we are unable to liquid sanitized each and every item(like mobile phones, wallets, packaging food, etc). This is mainly for Post COVID, can be used at homes, shops, etc

What it does

Enough exposure to UV-C radiation causes damage to the DNA and RNA of the virus so they can't replicate, effectively killing or inactivating a virus. There are several reports claiming the effectiveness of UVC radiation on the new COVID-19. UVC light strike over a tray/stand which has items over it, along with Timer started over OLED display of 200 seconds. Timer also goes on an app and makes an alarm when time's up. With help of this, we can be sanitized our mobile phone, helmet, wallet, etc and shopkeepers sanitized currency/notes and items because it takes only 200 seconds.

How we built it

Take a box of some kind and put the UV-C type light in it. The uppermost part houses all the electronics and a UVC light. we will be using aluminum foil to cover the inside of the enclosure where the light will hit. This will also help in reflecting the light evenly. Everything will be controlled using a NodeMCU. There will be two modes of operation. First will be Manual Mode wherein you have to manually turn OFF the lamp. The second one will be a Timer Mode wherein the lamp will be turned ON for a set amount of time. A menu will be created and displayed on an OLED display and on the app.

Challenges we ran into

Limited Hardware/Electronics components. We continue pre-Idea for this hack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it, what we want. Now, we will be sanitized every item at home which comes from outside. If we just want to work in manual mode then, Cost of the project is around 500INR (i.e., 7 USD)

What we learned

Link MIT App Inventor with NodeMCU.

What's next for Smart UV-C type Sanitization Box

Also, connect the Relay module to make it more automated. If possible, we will make it for our friends and neighbors.

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