"Welcome to CoinCatch!

This is a simple budgeting app that helps you account for the money you spend! We’ll help you keep track of your expenses, as well as a virtual savings account. You can also let extra money be rolled over to the next period. One important feature to remember is that at the end of an income period, you will either have a positive or negative balance. If it’s positive, you can either roll that amount forward to the next budget period or tell us to get rid of it (hopefully you save it, but we’re not pushy). If you overspend your budget, we can deduct it from the virtual savings account, or we can reduce the next period’s budget. If you’re ever confused about what a term means, tap it to bring up an explanation! For people with complicated expenses, this app may not be right for you, but if you’re flying through life without caring where your money ends up, we can help you be a little more careful!"

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to finish a working model of the app itself, but feel free to check out the C++ mockup. Most of the functionality is observable, and the script for the app is available via selectable tooltips.

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