This time is a time most people are never used to which will definitely create imbalance in some aspect of your life

Am sure if you follow some of this steps it will really help.

What's next for Things To Do During Covid Lock-down which will really help U.


1. Watch a film Netflix and Amazon Prime aren’t your only options, and you don’t necessarily have to pay for a subscription to watch plenty of excellent films. 2. Watch a documentary If you’re in the mood for something a bit more cerebral, there are a few websites that give you access to free documentaries. Whether you’re into sharks, revolutions, or serial killers, you’ll find something interesting to watch during lock-down. Some great sites include “Documentary Tube, Top Documentary Films and Documentary Heaven”. 3. WRITE A NOVEL Is it time for you to create rather than consuming? If you’ve always wanted to write a novel but never found the time or inspiration, this is your chance. Apparently Shakespeare wrote King Lear in isolation during the plague, so maybe this lock-down is when you’ll write your opus. 4. WRITE A SONG If you have a musical persuasion, you could channel your current emotions into a song or even an entire album of them. 5. TRY A FITNESS CHALLENGE Missing the gym? There are plenty of fitness challenges you can try out from home, so you can emerge from lock-down fitter, leaner, or stronger. 6. COOK SOMETHING NEW One good thing about being home a lot is that you can finally spend time cooking things from scratch. You can find great recipes online, even if you’re on a limited budget. 7. PLAY A BOARD GAME Board game lovers will be pleased to know that there are ways to play your favorite games online, so you don’t have to wait for the lock-down to end to try out your new Scythe strategy or to finally play Terra-forming Mars with a friend. 8. LEARN A LANGUAGE Always wanted to speak different languages? Think that French will be useful for work, or perhaps German? Lock-down gives you plenty of time to dedicate to learning a new language, brushing up on vocabulary, and testing out pronunciation. 9. DEEP CLEAN YOUR HOUSE Between dusty skirting boards, dirty tiling, and stained carpets, your home can offer days of distraction if you feel like doing that deep clean you’ve been putting off. There are plenty of online cleaning guide if the task looks too big, and focusing on one room at a time will help you divide up the work. 10. RESET YOUR HOME Being stuck at home can make you rethink how much of your stuff you really need. Do you really wear all the clothes spilling out of your wardrobe? And do you think you’ll really re-read those GCSE essays sitting in a box upstairs? You can decide what to donate and what to throw out, ready for a full clear out when the lock-down is lifted. 11. SCARE YOURSELF IN A CREEPY LIBRARY If you’ve always been fascinated by the inspiration for Lovecraft, horror films, and far too many conspiracy theories, you can now read as many as possible books online. 12. STRETCH OUT WITH A YOGA CLASS If you’re trying to DE-stress and stay healthy during lock-down, you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of yoga studios are now streaming online classes for you to join in with. 13. GO TO THE THEATER When you can’t go to the theater, let the theater come to you. Recorded performances are nothing new, but some platforms like Marquee are offering free trials so that you can see whether it’s something you’d want to watch on a more regular basis. 14. HAVE A WORK OUT Keeping active will make a big difference to how you feel during lock-down – physical activity should help you sleep better and lift your mood, even if you’re stuck in the same room for most of the day. You don’t need any equipment for a good workout, and there are plenty of free online videos to take you through a routine. 15. START A BLOG This could be a great time to build your audience, especially if you have relatively cheap, indoor hobbies that you can share. Interest in pastimes like cooking and board games has shot up over recent weeks – if your hobbies are trending, why not set up a blog and share your knowledge? You can set up a WordPress account and blog for free, and take it from there. 16. LEARN FIRST AID It’s good to be prepared for an emergency, especially when urgent care centers are overwhelmed or you may not want to leave self-isolation for a relatively minor injury. You can basic first aid online for free. 17. DISCOVER YOUR ROOTS Wonder where your family was in the flu pandemic of 1918? Tracing your family tree can unearth lost memories or even distant relatives. Start by learning about genealogy online and you can discover more about yourself and your background. 18. UNDERSTAND NUTRITION Comfort eating during lock-down is understandable, but won’t help you enter summer happier and healthier. Understanding nutrition and how food affects your body, health, and mood, will help you make better decisions for your overall well-being and even better use of your current food cupboard. You can also search online for better understanding about nutrition. 19. MEDITATE Meditation and mindfulness doesn’t just help people stay calm – practitioners around the world rely on it to help them focus, remain present, and appreciate what they have. It’s a simple concept that can be hard to master, but you can start now at home, and see if it works for you. 20. PLAN A HOLIDAY If you’re lucky enough to have a job that lets you work from home for this time, you’ve probably saved money on your commute and buying lunch each day. Why not calculate how much you’ve saved through the lock down and put it towards a holiday? You can plan an excursion at home, catching up on all the things you’ve missed, or go further afield to experience something new. 21. HAVE A KITCHEN DANCE PARTY You can definitely have too much screen time. If workouts aren’t your thing or you just miss a good dance, put together a list of your favorite songs and dance around your kitchen. Don’t worry, nobody’s watching! 22. SEW A TEDDY BEAR Recreate a favorite childhood toy or just up cycle some old clothing by sewing your own teddy bear. As long as you have some fabric that you can use (perhaps some socks or an old t-shirt) and a small sewing kit, you can get started. 23. PRAY The last but not the least, always pray to God.

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