Now a days, AI are trying to be more like humans, but why don't we try to be more like AI's?

Thief Sheep pits two people against each other in a high pressure, unrelenting, and unforgiving scenario. The shepherd has family coming over in 1 minute and 30 seconds, and wants everything to look clean. To do so, he needs to capture the thief sheep before they come, to make sure he does not cause a ruckus.

The first player plays as the shepherd, and the second plays as the thief sheep. Both share the same screen. The idea is that the shepherd must catch the thief sheep before the time limit runs out. The thief sheep must hide from the shepherd, and can do so by imitating his fellow sheep around him.

This is a challenging game that rewards the strong, and belittles the weak. There is no barrier to entry, but it is impossible to master due to the complexity of both the physical and mental limitations of human kind. At it's heart, it brings to the table, a deep desire for competition between two individuals, to determine the one with the superior mind games, intellect, and observational skills.


Shepherd - Arrow keys to move - Right Shift to Capture 1 Sheep (Max 5 captures a round, the number of captures left are indicated in the bottom right corner) Thief Sheep - WASD keys to move

Objective: Shepherd must capture thief sheep before the timer runs out (1:30 mins)

To try the game out, run the in your preferred Python IDE.

***Note: Play button may need to be clicked on more than once

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