As a team that values the effects of a good workout, we sought out to find a way to maximize everyone's workout utility while accounting for their weaknesses. As our ability to build muscle, lose fat, and our susceptibility to injury is deeply rooted in our genetic structure, attempts to use that information to design a workout that leads you to true optimal efficiency.

What it does takes your genetic information and uses ML to identify your inherent physical strengths and weaknesses. At, we believe that a balanced physiology leads to a healthy body, and as such, we are committed to designing workouts that make up for your weaknesses without compromising your strengths.

How we built it

The machine learning algorithm was designed on the Machine Learning studio from Microsoft Azure. The backend of the app was built on node.js and the frontend designed with Angular.js.

Challenges we ran into

The data that was presented had many variations and contained a lot of information. As such, extracting the most important attributes from the data to create a usable model was one of the main challenges in designing our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to extract vital pieces of information from a large and complicated dataset, while integrating different web services and technologies into our stack.

What we learned

AngularJS, different preprocessing techniques on genetic datasets. Fundamental understanding of genetics.

What's next for

With a larger dataset, we would be able to build more customized datasets - more accurately, depending on a large selection of genotypes.

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