In a world where product development is heavily guarded and consumer feedback is taken mostly on finished products, we wanted to build a tool that would allow users to determine what products they wanted to bring to life and would allow creators to discover and build them. Enter TheyShouldHaveThis, a submission and discussion web app that supports and encourages the spirit of the open-source movement for all. Using this site, ideas can not only be submitted and viewed, but also judged and discussed by other consumers to determine popularity and scope very easily.

Of the many features TheyShouldHaveThis holds, the best would likely be the unique categorization of comments. While it includes regular comments intended for discussion of the idea, TheyShouldHaveThis also employs "They Have This!" comments that allow the submitter and all those interested in a product to view a link to the product they will likely find extremely useful. Furthermore, a comment can also be designated as "I Can Make This!" by which creators can post a link to their qualifications or their work toward an idea like the one submitted, allowing users to see how their "wishful" product may become a reality!

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