Today, only executives can afford the luxury of having a secretary. With the dawn of robot, we saw the chance make the efficiency of having a secretary more affordable, and why not, more fun!

What it does

We chose one function to develop for the secretary robot, WorkBudy, which is the schedule function. The WorkBuddy can schedule meetings both by the voice and the touch screen. The server sends invitations to the people invited. They confirm and the appointment is added to the database.

How I built it

  1. Made the server that provides API to interact with users and events data.
  2. Create the web calendar UI on the touch screen.
  3. Integrate PEPPER with Watson's speech-to-text function by node-red.
  4. Process text to extract dates, times, participants.
  5. Use socket IO for live updating of the calendar on the screen.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Watson sometimes misinterprets the input voice.
  2. Deploying Bluemix for ReactJS.
  3. Support and debugging of PEPPER's web browser.
  4. To make the timezone of the server and the UI match.
  5. Developer interface of PEPPER is difficult to understand. Not enough documentations.
  6. Miscommunication about the infrastructure at first leads huge debugging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Khanh - Worked for a very long hour. Napat – Worked crazy hard. Fabiano - To see the integration of many technologies come together to see the final projected worked. Bank – To see different works of different people come together and produce the amazing final result. Mariko – The connection between PEPPER and Bluemix. The natural conversation by PEPPER and Bluemix.

What I learned

Khanh- Learned to use socket IO, MySQL, work with people from different background. Napat- Learned a new approach to new problems (short list algorithm). Fabiano – Learned ReactJS, automation of deployment. Bank- Learned to do a very big project, Javascript, node-red, url commands. Mariko - Python

What's next for WorkBuddy

Improve and add more functions.

  1. Auto suggestion of the meeting time.
  2. Detect emotion of the users and balance their schedule accordingly.
  3. Have a personal schedule.
  4. Work faster and more accurate.
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