We are a team of 6 trying to bring about an impact in this world through the services that we offer. We run a website under the domain using which we used to get in contact with our leads. Our team doesn't excel in SEO and so were we thinking of using a CMS platform for sometime now. That's when we found out about this contest. This gave us the momentum to recreate our company's website from scratch in under 2 weeks along with HubSpot's CRM integrated. Easy to learn and easy to build with. More over, very beginner friendly.

What it does

Our company's official website through which we contact our leads. Designed in such a way (Integration of CRM and CMS) that it actually converts. We offer software services such as building website apps, cross-platform mobile apps, UI/UX Designing, Consultation, etc.

How we built it

We used a great deal of the features that HubSpot offers. We used the following features for the following reasons:

  • Contacts & Company: We populated the contact and the company database with our leads.
  • Call, Emails, Meetings, Tasks, Notes: We could personalize the customer experience to each of the contact and the company through these fields.
  • Created a chatflow to implement a live feature in our website.
  • Snippets & Templates: We used snippets and templates to make our team work efficiently and effectively.
  • Social: We used this feature provided by HubSpot to manage all of our social media content under a single roof (saves a lot of time).
  • Landing and website pages: The big thing. This is where we manage our content through the CMS Hub.
  • SEO Recommendations: We used all of the SEO recommendations provided by HubSpot to our advantage.
  • HubDB: We used HubDB to store images, name and social handle links.
  • Forms, CTA: We used these features to capture leads.
  • Sequence and Workflows: We used these 2 features to automate most of our works. It is used to send email to our customer's right after they download a file or sign up for a form.
  • Membership: Only gated members are allowed to access certain features in our website. This feat is achieved through the membership feature.

Challenges we ran into

This is our first time working with a CRM and a CMS platform. So, We faced a ton of problems, just as expected. Initially we worked our way around using templates and themes. But, We needed a touch of uniqueness to our website. Therefore, We decided to learn hubL to custom cater our content and learning it was quite the challenge. Designing the workflows that we expected took sometime. Also, Integrating the HubSpot's CRM with the CMS Hub in unique ways was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a beginner to CRM and CMS, Our team is proud of building the company's entire website along side the CRM integrations in just 2 weeks. We integrated lead capture techniques where ever it is possible. Our team learned to custom cater the content using hubL. We implemented some cool workflows and sequences. Also, We used a membership features as well.

What we learned

Well for starters, We learned a whole bunch about CRM and CMS. The other interesting stuff that we learned in the course of this contest is hubL. Very elegant and easy to use right alongside HTML. Big stuff, We learned how to get in touch with a lead and to create a pipeline for closing a deal as well. Not just that, The whole process of managing our customers.

What's next for TheVoidCompany Website

As our company grows it's roots in the HubSpot's platform, We are planning on creating custom objects to make our website even more unique and to stand out. We were looking forward to implementing serverless feature offered by HubSpot.

Built With

  • chatflows
  • hubdb
  • hubl
  • hubspotcms
  • hubspotcrm
  • hubspotforms
  • workflows
+ 6 more
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