I wanted to send an envelope from 1 town to another and the only way I could do it was to drive into town and drop it a place where they will take it to their next depot and the recipient has to drive to their depot and pick it up, that's bit messed up i thought. So I started a Facebook group that said take these passengers to Bulawayo or Take my goods to Bulawayo, Bulawayo being the city I come from in Bulawayo. The idea is to transport anything to anywhere. Have a school trip don't have a school bus post a bid for transporters to bid, pick the best bus at the best fare

What it does

Simple it takes anything from 1 location to the next destination, by find you the best route, best fare and best means of transport

How I built it

I am still building, I will have a working prototype by end of the month

Challenges I ran into

Financing, I had to continue with day to day work, so that my family does not starve

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can sing the concept to anyone, have spoken about the idea to over 10 investors

What I learned

IF you have something tangible then you can talk to investors

What's next for thetransporter

Will be launching end of June 2018, I am hoping to bring lost of people to the launch

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