Updates For V3.0 My inspiration for version 3.0 sprang from attending web3 hackathons in Miami. It was there that I saw the need for an easy-to-follow bridge to help transition traditional web2 developers and project managers to thinking about using web3.0 solutions for existing problems. It has to be easy to see the potential of starting with small familiar upgrades before diving into the deep end of developing web3 solutions from the ground up.

Now integrated with the ThetaVideo API! This was an exciting upgrade for a developer whose career began in Television production.

  • Now integrated with ThetaVideoAPI
  • Now featuring a demo admin area behind an oauth2 login demo
  • Backend functions allow users to upload videos directly to a sandbox Thetavideoapi account and view them on the front end.

Background of prior versions

The original inspiration for ThetaWatch was a combination of by backgrounds as a tv producer, web developer, and journalist. My experience in media fields made me aware of the value of Theta early on, but my education as a journalist made it very clear that in order to grow, Theta Network will need community tools and resources that put things into an easy to understand format.

What it does

  • ThetaWatch3.0 is like a starter-kit for building video distribution platforms.
  • ThetaWatch3.0 utilizes a ThetaVideoAPI integration to serve content via ThetaNetwork. It also provides the baseline MVC framework developers can easily modify to utilize their preferred user authorization methods for user management or tiered memberships.
  • Additionally, it provides a curated package of content needed to get up to speed on Theta Network.

How we built it

The app is built on a codeigniter framework, bootstrap for ui, chart.js for displaying data. It integrates with Theta via the Explorer API and ThetaVideoAPI.

Challenges we ran into

UX is always a big challenge. I decided to keep it as simple as possible to allow users to make modifications as they see fit for their own use cases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have build web apps using regular file uploads and AWS S3 integrations, but this was by far the smoothest to implement.

What we learned

The best way to transition developers and project managers from web2 to web3 is to show them how easy it can be to start with single integrations that affect their bottom lines immediately.

What's next for ThetaWatch 3.0

I can't wait to get further into NFT integrations and building out specific use cases for the platform.

Hackathon housekeeping details:

Which track you are submitting to

  • Theta Watch is being submitted to the Video Track.
  • The project was created by Michael Grosse, 38, from sunny Florida USA.
  • Please contact via devpost profile, or the form on
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