What it does

  • Keeps a record of all Guardian and Validator staking rewards and allows a user to download them by year in csv format.
  • Allows a Guardian or Validator node to be monitored via smartphone and will alert the user if the node misses a block or has a withdraw.
  • Tracks historical data like the average amount of Theta that is staked for each month and how many nodes are online.
  • Keeps a record and makes searchable all TNT-20 Tokens and transactions.
  • Keeps a record of all Theta and TFuel sent across the blockchain and allows a user to download the transactions of an address in csv format.
  • Allows anyone to see the top 100 Theta and TFuel transactions by 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
  • Has an API that allows interaction with the blockchain and can get historical data like the price of Theta on any given day.

Challenges we ran into

  • Database Speed, after the coinbase transactions hit 100 million plus the databases need to be redesigned. After lots of trial and error I was able to get, Select requests down to fractions of a second for the average user request.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The growing numbers of users. Unique user traffic has been increasing by a rate of roughly 4 times month over month for the last 3 months.

What's next for ThetaScan.io

  • I will continue to develop and add new features. One thing that I do is read through the slack room and add to the site features that I see people asking about.
  • Edge Node data and monitoring features.
  • Further TNT-20 token build out features.
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