• TheTangibleLife DAPP on the cloud. (Disclaimer: NFT-based video streaming is working from a server. However the app's embed code generation was not generating the correct code at the time of submission.)
  • USE CASES illustrate the different contexts that the dapp can be used.
  • Source Code on github is available under MIT License.
  • YouTube Video is the demo video for the Theta Q1 2022 Hackathon.


  1. Most humans alive today are in a hybrid world, standing somewhere between the pysical and digital, even though the level of digitalization of our lives vary.
  2. Many things we do everyday, from work to entertainment, consist of interaction with a computer, completing tasks, as if in a game.
  3. This phenomena of many humans continuously completing tasks in a digital world has been referred to as the "Great Online Game" by the technology visionary Packy McCormick.
  4. The inspiration for our TheTangibleLife project/dapp is to integrate blockchain-based video streaming into every aspect of the "Great Online Game".
  5. This integration can be through casual Theta dapps/widgets that contain embedded codes, where these embed codes are easily-generated using a dapp.
  6. The main technology used in our project is Theta's patented NFT-based DRM (Digital Rights Management) and video streaming.
  7. This way, Web 2.0 developers and even non-coder web admins can be onboarded to Web 3.0 through Theta Network.
  8. The project and the dapp aim at the ubiquitous usage of the Theta Network & token and consumption of TFUEL, through both video streaming fees and NFT purchases.
  9. Our project provides a portfolio of use cases in different domains, which would use our dapp to integrate blockchain-based video streaming.

What it does

  1. The TheTangibleLife dapp allows uploading of videos and generates embed codes such that the videos are streamed only for NFT holders.
  2. These embed codes that can be easily embedded into any website or mobile app.
  3. Web developers can simply copy/paste these codes into their html codes in their favorite editor or within their CMS (ex: WordPress).
  4. The websites where the dapp/widget runs will allow Theta video streaming only for holders of membership (utility) NFTs purchased on the Theta network.
  5. In other words, the main mechanism is NFT serving as membership token to enable display/streaming of videos.
  6. For example, consider a process that is progressing, such as levels in a game, and guiding videos for making it to the next level are displayed only to holders of a certain NFT.
  7. The simple big idea is using a simple code snippet that can be embedded into any html page, and streaming videos only if the NFT is stored in the user's connected wallet.
  8. Currently, such a code snippet (embed code) can be generated through ThetaVideoAPI, but the connection to ThetaDrop wallet is not possible, hence the need for a dapp like TheTangibleLife.

How we built it


  1. React.js/Typescript
  2. Chakra UI
  3. useDapp/core
  4. RoboHash - for generating robot avatars.
  5. ChackraUI/icons
  6. Web3.js
  7. ethers.js
  8. Theta Wallet
  9. MetaMask


  1. Theta video API
  2. Hardhat/Remix - for smart contract compiling.
  3. Solidity
  4. Theta Testnet
  5. Node.js

Content Curation

  1. WordPress with Cherry Blog theme to demonstrate the use cases.
  2. YayImages, DepositPhotos, and TheNounProject for copyright-granted stock images and icons.
  3. Pexels for copyright-granted videos.
  4. Filmstro and Uppbeat for copyright-granted music.
  5. White Label Fitness Course life-time deal purchased from AppSumo.
  6. Synthesia for creating AI-generated videos with avatars.
  7. RelayThat to create banner that directs user to sponsor through affiliate link.
  8. BerryCast for screen recording.
  9. AicooSoft Video Converter to reduce video sizes.

Project Management

  1. GitHub as the code repository.
  2. Discord for communication and coordination.
  3. 11Sight for video meetings.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Setting a private network was quite a challenge, which we eventually did not pursue.
  2. Documentation for Theta technologies can be improved. More extensive documentation, especially video documentation, can help users and developers in many tasks, including the depositing of testnet TFUEL.
  3. Creating the right embed code so the video fully fits in the iframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Designing and implementing a simple yet effective system that can enable exponential growth of Theta Network and Theta Token.
  2. Working on not only one, but actually eight projects during the hackathon: (1) An easy-to-use dapp that can be directly by anyone to generate embed codes (Disclaimer: not fully functional at the time of submission). and (2...8) Seven web projects in different domains, with different end goals, that demonstrate a rich collection of use cases to make Theta Network grow.
  3. Making sure that all the content used in the use cases are copyright-granted, either created by the project team or purchased videos.

What we learned

So many things!

What's next for TheTangibleLife

  1. Monetization by charging TFUEL for the generated embed codes. This can be by a prepaid wallet connected to the Theta network, where first TFUEL is deposited. Then, as TFUEL is used to generate the embed codes, these credits can be used.
  2. Monetization through NFT sales, which requires smart contracts where the different types of NFT are created by the admins and can be purchased directly from within the dapp by users.
  3. Uploading multiple videos would help creators do more in less time.
  4. Testing to embed the codes into websites developed using decentralized CMS.

Use Cases

Categories of use cases (dimensions of the "Great Online Game") are: Socialize, Learn, Work, Move, Entertain, Play, and Travel.

  1. Socialize: Consider a professional network, whose masked member information are displayed openly, but their detailed self-intro videos can be accessed only through becoming member of the "NFT Club" (ex: Bored Apes Yatch Club members, who even establish restaurants.
  2. Learn: Online instructors can use general-purpose blockchain video streaming, together with membership NFTs, to create their ad-hoc decentralized Udemy.
  3. Work: New employees of a company can be airdropped with the employee NFTs as a part of their digital welcome/onboarding package, which enable them to learn all about the company, culture, and work responsibilities.
  4. Move: As in the "M2E - Move to Earn" dapps, which rewards physical exercise, only members of a virtual sports club (with membership NFTs) can be allowed to watch physical training videos.
  5. Entertain: Access to video streaming of videos, TV series and other media content through NFT-based DRM.
  6. Play: Hint/trick/easter egg videos can be streamed only to members (NFT holders), such as a "Riddle Gaming Platform", with riddles such as the following: "Rock on the bottom, Rock on the top, Meat in the middle. Go solve my riddle!"
  7. Travel: Hidden gems in a city can be revealed and displayed only to members (NFT holders).

Built With

  • chakraui
  • ethers.js
  • hardhat/remix
  • metamask
  • node.js
  • react.js
  • robohash
  • solidity
  • theta
  • thetatestnet
  • thetavideoapi
  • thetawallet
  • typescript
  • usedapp
  • web3.js
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