ThetaBundle allows content creators to sell bundles/rights to their video or gaming content via transactable Theta smart contracts.

Built for the Theta Q1 2022 Hackathon.

  • Chris Buonocore United States
  • Categories: Video / Gaming / Smart contracts

Live demo:

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Existing streamers often have large followings and post their content to youtube or other sites after streaming on live networks like Twitch - but that could be the end of it. Given these followings, we want to provide an opportunity to further connect with fans by providing memorabilia, and providing an additional revenue opportunity for the content creator. ThetaBundle allows any streamer to turn collections of their streamed content into a purchase-able contract and IPFS video group.

These collections can also be later resold and traded by new owners.

Many video marketplace platforms exist, but:

  • There's not a dominant one that appeals to the streaming (gaming and non-gaming) streaming market.
  • May not integrate with existing streaming networks. ThetaBundle doesn't care how you broadcast, only that the uploaded listings have a particular format and content.
  • Have higher overhead - contentstream backed by LivePeer and allows you to re-use existing assets and content if you wish. Many streamers are already into technology and can port their existing streams onto the platform.
  • ThetaBundle is a niche platform not focused on current categories like artwork/real estate - only video content.

View full repo here:

Built With

  • metamask
  • react
  • theta
  • usedapp
  • web3
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