Nowadays, the metaverse is the new edge for an explorer. We have dreamed about building a virtual world for everyone. Where place we can play, work and chill. With the power of blockchain and hardware being better, we think this is the near future we can leave in this metaverse. The main inspiration for me is Decentraland, but I can't build my home in visit mode, we need to build in another place. This is not nature, I love Minecraft, then i think will build the virtual world with this style. And, thetametaspace was born.

What it does

  1. Make a 3d world for players to build and live
  2. All land is NTFS with ERC721 standard.
  3. Built-in auction system, allow players can trade their land.
  4. Built-in build system, allow players easy to build their home with Minecraft style.

How we built it

  1. Build all core smart contract
  2. Build a 3d world with unity
  3. Deploy API to get all land information and render it to unity
  4. Make a WebSocket server to handle multi-players.

Challenges we ran into

  • Try to integrate theta blockchain.
  • WebGL limits memory on the browser then we need to optimize a lot of things to keep everything smooth and keep FPS (Frame per second is acceptable).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Make multiplayer 3d space/world run on browser and connect it to theta blockchain. This is a lot of optimizing tasks to get the best performance.

What we learned

Theta blockchain struct and interact 3D Unity development Create a small multiplay game with WebSocket

What's next for ThetaMetaSpace

  • Release the app on the desktop, mobile to improve performance
  • Add more features allow add to land
  • Merge land to make a bigger building

To view the full source code of UNITY PROJECT , please contact me via email Sorry about the inconvenience, because it needs to keep private.

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