Introducing ThetaLands

ThetaLands is an NFT ecosystem existing within the Theta Blockchain, designed to provide users with access to a wide array of NFT collections, games, and developments. We currently have an experienced team of talented 2D and 3D artists working on different NFT collections including Crypto Monster and FIGHT for CMC with a strong focuse. All of these updates come together to form the environment of ThetaLands, which we are striving to make into an immersive Metaverse experience in the coming years.

Theta NFT Bot

The first product and application of ThetaLands is the ability to track NFT sales and launches using an API connection to marketplaces like OpenTheta and Thetaboard. This information is shared via Twitter and Telegram, with each new NFT sale and launch receiving its own tweet or post. We are using relevant and effective hashtags in order to reach a mass of NFT collectors, as well as the wider crypto community. The Theta bot keeps people up to date on every NFT listing on all secondary markets ready to purchase your focused NFT. The ultimate aim is to showcase these beautiful NFT collections, find new investors, and trigger new investments within the Theta NFT market. Further developments will be featured on My.ThetaLands.


Before the advent of film and television, comic books were incredibly popular storytelling devices. In recent years, we have seen these stories come to life once more, with Marvel and DC comic book adaptations dominating the global box office. It appears that movie fans simply can’t get enough of their favourite superheroes and villains, something that has carried over from comics to the cinema. However, as we reached the end game, it ushered in the time for a new era. A crossover of technology and art!

While manga and anime have been around for a long time, we are now seeing a new era in this particular entertainment sector, with giants such as Netflix creating brand-new series to an extremely high level. This has created a wave of e-hype in the scene, particularly around Asia which boasts the biggest manga and anime market.

The crypto space, with its thousands of cryptocurrencies, projects, founders and brandings is a ready-made playground for all these different characters. As such, it has become a battle for volume of interest in order to climb the ranks of Coinmarketcap.

This is the beginning of ThetaLands and FIGHT for CMC!

FIGHT for CMC NFT - Collection & Game

The collection features a mixture of anime and comic characters. Each character have different energies, skills, skins, power levels, super and ultimate attacks. In total, there will be more than 50 unique fighters out there, all based around crypto characters for example the black magician Etha, Adana the spider girl or the mighty blockchain professor Satoshi. Of course, we keep Theta at heart and the NFT project has a strong focus on the Theta Network, Theta Labs, the team, and the community with a lot of powerful characters and ultimate attacks like the Cutting Edge Technology! We want to place a strong focus on collaborations with other NFT projects in order to bring the NFT community together and we have already been given the go ahead from several Theta NFT projects to create a suitable, unique and strong fighter for our collection! Special ThetaLands NFT rewards for holders of Order of the Tigons NFTs, just to mention one example. This will increase the value with additional utilities to their own NFT collection and will push the adoption of Theta NFTs. A strong marketing and branding with redeemable NFTs and merchandise on offer, including 3D figures, shirts, hoodies, and more. Over time, there will be consistent releases of additional characters to keep the scene fresh and exciting, as well as storyboard comics to progress the narrative. The fighters will be shown and minted on limited character design sheets and 3D avatars in the category “OG NFTs".

My.ThetaLands - DApp

Collect ThetaLands OG NFTs and claim rewards manually through My.ThetaLands DApp like special NFTs, cryptocurrencies, merch and more. My.ThetaLands is a powerful application to reward NFT collectors and the perfect tool to handle collaborations with other NFT projects. It was developed to improve the ThetaLands Ecosytem with new features and NFT utilities.

How it works?

On the fist page on you are able to choose and click two options, ThetaLands NFTs and All in. If you choose ThetaLands NFTs, you will be able to connect your Theta Blockchain- Metamask wallet and see all your collected ThetaLands NFTs sorted in collections in a gallery view.

You will be able to claim rewards by clicking a botton for holding ThetaLands OG NFTs. These rewards will appear separetely on a new Reward collection banner. We will add this feature in the coming weeks.

If you choose All in, you will also be able to connect your Theta Metamask wallet to screen all Theta NFTs (OpenTheta, Thetaboard) you are holding in this wallet.

Please recognise, we are still working on these first features.

The implementation of ThetaPass will open the doors for all kind of collaborations with ThetaDrop NFT projects! We connect via ThetaPass with ThetaDrop accounts and screen the NFTs inside. Afterwards the user can log in to a Theta Metamask wallet and we are able to reward (mint, airdrop) ThetaDrop users with ThetaLands NFTs. My.ThetaLands would act as an open gate for more NFT utilities and specials for ThetaDrop- users and projects.

The implementation of this interesting feature would require a domain whitelist. Edit: We already got the approval for ThetaPass and will implement this feature in August.

We plan to offer NFT staking as another feature and looking into crosschain developments for other blockchains like Ethereum. This would trigger the possibility for collaborations with all kind of Ethereum NFT projects and a huge base of collectors.

AVATARI - Collection

Some of the rewards for collecting ThetaLands OG NFTs are another special NFT collection called "AVATARI". You will receive a starter- package of 5 AVATARI NFT- attributes for characters including a NFT- body, -skin,- skill,- super and- ultimate attack, usable in the upcoming FIGHT for CMC- Game. All further NFT games will be linked to this collection and are the key to access. For example the AVATARI NFT- WES Body is needed to be able to choose and modify the WES gaming character. Collect and trade AVATARI goods (skins, skills, maps, super- and ultimate attacks) to increase the value, style and power of your character. AVATARI also playing an impotant role in a future Metaverse as you will be able to choose your NFT characters as avatars. Explore the environments of ThetaLands like The Cutting Edge and the Black Forrest to search for limited NFTs or just hang with your friends and play games.

On the explanation sheet you can clearly see the progress, how to receive AVATARI NFTs and other rewards for collecting ThetaLands OG NFTs:

NFT staking, merch, rewards < My.ThetaLands DApp < OG NFTs > My.ThetaLands DApp > AVATARI NFTs > NFT Gaming & Metaverse

What's next/Roadmap


  • Team building
  • Hackathon application
  • NFT game Pre-Production
  • Discord Server
  • Collaboration discussions


  • Website
  • Company registration
  • DApp My.ThetaLands- ThetaPass feature
  • First NFT Drop OpenTheta WES, Mystic Guru
  • Gameplay v1 - FIGHT for CMC - Wes VS Brooslyguru
  • Pre-Sale special airdrop
  • Optimising game development workflow
  • Gameplay v2 - FIGHT for CMC - Wes VS Brooslyguru
  • Sign-in for ThetaCon 22
  • Legendary AVATARI airdrop

  • Constantly new collabs, NFT drops and game developments during Q3


  • Preparing for ThetaCon
  • ThetaCon 22
  • NFT game testing
  • Game fixes

  • Constantly new collabs, NFT drops and game developments (fighter integrations) during Q4


  • FIGHT for CMC - fighting game beta
  • Constantly new collabs, NFT drops and game developments (fighter integrations)
  • more specials

The Vision - The ThetaLands - NFT Gaming & Metaverse

We are just working on our first P2E- NFT game FIGHT for CMC. We plan to use these AVATARI NFTs and especially the 3D gaming characters to develop a suitable shooter and a Metaverse with a gaming studio in 2023. We also aiming to collaborate with big streamers and gamers to bring ThetaLands NFT games to a mass audience across the world.

Our ultimate vision is to create Metaverse environments and connect all games and developments within one shared world called The ThetaLands. In order to achieve this, we will use the majority of Theta Labs technical blockchain products, including Theta -Edge Node, Video API, Edgecast, EdgeStore and more. We are looking forward to mainnet 4.0 Theta Metachain and believe this is the perfect technology to host a huge, immersive world full of games, videos, digital advertising and an array of animated environments.

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