NFT project honoring the ever-bullish Theta community that has fun and engaging utility (a game)!

What it does

The game allows you to use your Thetabull NFTs to play against other players in a game of luck and skill! With three game modes to choose from you can play it safe against the NPC, go PvP standard and possibly win your opponents NFT (or lose yours), or be brave and venture into Hardcore PvP mode where you will battle it out against another player with the loser's NFT being BURNT permanently (reducing the bulls in circulation). Winner of a Hardcore match will accumulate Victory points that can be used to purchase high end physical and digital prizes in the shop.

How we built it

We put together a team of artists, developers, and entrepreneurs who collaborated to make this project a reality!

Challenges we ran into

Developing a game on Theta Mainnet is a new concept so there were several challenges. For example, we had difficulty fetching the NFTs from MetaMask into the game wallet. It was also very difficult to obtain the NFT attributes so they could be integrated into the game and determine the "strength" of the bull when blocking an attack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing the first working PvP NFT style game on Theta blockchain. We have a fun working game that has been tested by several members of the community that will soon come off beta testing to be enjoyed by everyone!

What we learned

It takes a village! When we ran into problems we reached out to other developers in the theta community for insight and almost always were able to overcome the hurdles!

What's next for Thetabulls

We have lots of features still to add to the game to make it even more entertaining and engaging! Future updates will bring lobby/in-game chat, spectator mode (possibly VR), additional game modes, team pvp, bonus attacks, game on mobile app, and more!

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