What it does

Enable companies to upload, store, transcode and schedule video for Theta Network play out.

How does it work

The ThetaBox system has a WebApp as user interface where the user can upload video content to the Edge Store. Before it goes to the Edge Store the video is first uploaded to the ThetaBox Gateway. From there the ThetaBox Worker extract media info, create a thumbnail and put the video file on the Edge Store. If the video file is not a mp4 file the ThetaBox transcodes the video to a mp4 video.

When the video file is stored on the Edge Store the user can schedule by day, when the video has to be streamable on the Theta Network. One day before play out the video is directly transcoded from the Edge Store via the Theta Video API and delivered on the Theta Network.

The user can add extra metadata to the video file and view the video from the Edge Store or the Theta Network.

What we learned

How to work with the FFmpeg library, Theta Video API and Theta EdgeStore API

What's next for ThetaBox

  • Play out Interval schedule
  • Extra Metadata fields
  • Basic video editing
  • Basic video filters
  • Auto/Schedule cleanup of video files
  • Integration with other (social)platforms
  • Tfuel payment integration for transcoding unsupported video formats
  • One-time transcoding for the Theta Network
  • Archive and restore Theta Network video files
  • Video AI (detect people, explicit content, recognize celebrities, speech transcription)
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