When working on Wordpress websites I sometimes have to deal with Wordpress hosts who either allow only a few gigabyte of upload every month or cap the bandwith at just a few megabyte / second. Using the Theta Video platform would be a cheaper alternative for a lot of users than using other video hosting platforms or switching Wordpress hosts.

This plugin opens the way to millions of users, as over 30% of the websites are using Wordpress.

What it does

It allows users to automatically upload a video to the API and it will automatically stream the video from the API when the upload and transcoding has finished. This allows the user to work worry-free on their pages and posts.

How I built it

It's written in PHP with a little bit of JavaScript for the selection of videos.

Challenges I ran into

I only started working on this idea about a month before the submission deadline, I hadn't used PHP in quite some time, nor did I ever do any Wordpress plugin development so I had to read quite a lot of doc and had to debug quite a lot due to me not being used to neither PHP nor Wordpress development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to learn the basics of Wordpress plugin development in quite a short time.

What I learned

Basic understanding of Wordpress plugin development and a deeper understanding of the Theta Video API.

What's next for Theta Video Plugin

There will be some QoL features and improvements soon, i.e. adding a customizable player and support uploading from localhost. In addition, if there are any requests from the community / users, I'll add them depending on how feasible and usable those features are.

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