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Gartner Hype Cycle

  1. Gartner Hype Cycle research shows that NFTs will need another 5 years to reach the productivity plateau. Gartner says that at this stage, there is a need to build more user-friendly and cost-effective tools to help reach the plateau.
  2. At the moment, NFTs are ideal for determining the ownership of digital assets. The major digital assets are currently of three types: music, video games, and cinema.
    • The video game industry's revenue in 2021 was more than $180 billion.
    • The music industry's revenue in 2021 was about $26 billion.
    • The film industry's revenue in 2021 was about $100 billion.

The video game industry alone is bigger than the other two industries combined. Currently, according to valuecoders.com, 48% of the video game market is produced using the Unity 3D engine. Creating an add-on for Unity3D that simplifies the integration of the blockchain into video games would mean accessing a potential market of about 90 billion.

✨ What it does

The add-on consists of a graphical interface that simplifies the work of the developers. The Theta Network integration, thanks to the add-on, can be done with a few clicks and without writing new lines of code. At the moment, these are the main features offered by the tool: At the moment, these are the main features offered by the tool:

  • Ability to create NFTs for the Theta Network
  • Saving of NFT data on Theta-EdgeStore
  • Loading the saved NFTs
  • In-game NFT interaction

🔨 How we built it

The add-on consists of three parts:

  • the contract that manages the NFTs, written in solidity
  • the images associated with the NFTs are saved via Theta-EdgeStore
  • the Unity3D interface is written in C#. For integration with the Theta blockchain, the interface uses a library called Nethereum. The Unity3D interface has both the task of deploying the contracts on the Theta blockchain and that of uploading the images to the Theta-EdgeStore and associating the URI with the contract. Furthermore, it allows you to insert the logic of interaction between the game and the blockchain within the game.

💯 Accomplishments that we're proud of

When you decide to work on a project, what you usually do is try to understand what knowledge the team has and, depending on that, decide what to work on. What we did, in this case, is the exact opposite. We tried to understand what the market's needs were and based on those, we tried to quickly acquire the knowledge we needed to develop a product that met those needs. We are very happy about this add-on because we strongly believe that this component has the potential to be a fundamental element in the adoption of blockchain in the gaming industry.

🔥 Challenges we ran into

  • One of the problems we faced was that our laptops weren't powerful enough to handle Unity3D and an IDE at the same time.... We were out of time and resources (from a laptop point of view :) ) Luckily, we found a way to complete the job, but it was really, really hard. 
  • Before this project, we had used Unity3D and C # only a couple of times, many years ago. To be able to complete this project, we had to study everything we needed and put it into practice in the shortest possible time.

📖 What we learned

Before this project, we had never worked on an add-on for Unity3D or with Theta-EdgeStore, so everything we have learned in this project is new to us. In detail, what we have learned is:

  • How to develop add-ons for Unity3D (Unity SDK)
  • C# (which we knew very little about before this competition) and Nethereum
  • How to use Theta-EdgeStore and integrate it into a Unity3D component We already had some basic solidity skills, but we had never developed for the Theta Network before this time.

🚀 What's next for Theta Unity3D NFT SDK

There is still a lot to do within this project, both on a technical and non-technical level. These are the points on which we will have to work immediately:

  • cleaning the codebase. Working very quickly, we have accumulated a lot of technical debt.
  • decide how to generate revenue.
  • complete the work of in-game interaction with smart contracts.
  • read the smart contract ABI from the GUI to increase the smart-contract interactions possibilities
  • the possibility to load different types of data on Theta-EdgeStore (the backend part already allows it, but at the moment, the frontend has been designed only for images).


  1. This program is an add-on for Unity3D, so it is impossible to upload a URL to a standalone instance of the program. To view our add-on, you can download the loaded repository and open it with Unity3D.
  2. The game shown in the video is not part of our submission but is only a sample provided by Unity3D that we have digitized in NFT format thanks to our add-on.

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