We first discovered the Theta Network in early 2021 and instantly fell in love with all the capabilities the Theta Blockchain has. When it comes to the future of media, we definitely see Theta as the go-to option for various business needs surrounding content delivery.

At Thetatunez, we're on a mission to provide music artists with the platform and tools needed to completely revolutionize how an artist can interact with their listeners. We aim to increase engagement and revenue for music artists around the globe! As the platform grows, more users will be introduced to the Theta Blockchain and web 3.0.

What it does

ThetaTunez is aiming to help artists get their content out to the world. By utilizing the Theta Blockchain and its unique capabilities, artists will be able to interact with their listeners like never before!

How we built it

First we created the metamask functionality, allowing users to login to the app with Metamask.

Next we integrated the ThetaVideoAPI into our application and created the functionality for creators to upload videos to the site for fans to interact with

After adding the video functionality, we decided to go a step further and add song uploads. This feature allows artists to upload their music. Currently users can add this music to playlists as well as see it displayed on their feed.

Users can create their own account and follow/like their favorite artists posts.

At this time, we have permission from all artists featured on our platform. We will open our platform up to new artists in the upcoming weeks leading to our main net launch. New artists should expect to fill out a form before being approved to post as an artist. Anyone is free to sign up and engage with the content

There is also a beta NFTs section. As the site is currently running on the testnet. For demo purposes this nft can be minted with testnet tfuel, but does not hold any real value. Once we complete our audit we will switch to mainnet and begin to roll out artist's nfts)

As time went on we began to think of new features to add and ways to make it better. While we have some cool features present now, we are still in the early stages and plan to include even more functionality in the upcoming weeks/months

Challenges we ran into

Integrating theta video api P2P SDK

While we weren't able to integrate this feature in time for the deadline. This feature is at the top of our list to get done before our main net launch. We believe that allowing users to earn tfuel for watching content on our platform will significantly impact engagement for all artists that decide to join our platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the progress we were able to make in two short months. There is a functioning MVP available to test and see. The future is bright for ThetaTunez and we are excited for what is in store!

What we learned

We learned how to create a smart contract and minting functionality for that smart contract. We also learned how to use the thetavideoapi

What's next for Theta Tunez

  • Integration of Theta P2P JS SDK: Allowing users to earn tfuel while watching their favorite artists

  • Onboarding of new Artists: Coming Soon!

  • Filter by location/region: ThetaTunez is open to artists all around the globe. With a location filter, users can discover new artists worldwide!

  • NFT Marketplace: A marketplace to trade nfts from the site hosted on the theta blockchain

  • NFT Utility: Unique ways for artists to provide merchandise, exclusive music, VIP tickets and other holder's only benefits for their fans

  • Integration with Theta Edgestore for storing NFTS and all other media uploaded to ThetaTunez

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