Theta Studio

Theta Studio simulates a movie theatre like environment for discovering and playing your favorite live theta streamers.

Built for the Theta 2021 integration hackathon. This could be integrated into Theta as a part of the core product, or serve as a standalone app. Going for video platform integrations with Theta and Extensions of Theta products such as databases or platforms cataloguing user-produced video streams hackathon categories.

Initial project is live/demoable here:

What it does

  • Uses theta API's to return a list of live streams based on categories
  • Renders live streams in a carousel / explorer format.
  • Allows toggling between theta categories
  • No user accounts required.
  • Allows users to focus on live streams without having to search through pre-recorded content.

What we learned

How to integrate live theta streams into a react application

Future work

  • Optional user login for tfuel
  • Full screen mode
  • Voting and reviews
  • More categories and configurable layouts
  • Persistent database of indexed categories
  • Dynamic categories


  • Browse theta streams minimally without comments or user accounts
  • Enter theatre mode to view the stream full screen.

Run the project

yarn && yarn start

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