Working with creators and other projects on the theta blockchain, I figured that there is a platform missing which makes it easy to send multiple tokens either to multiple addresses or to one address. A example that I encountered many times were people that wanted to move multiple NFTs to another wallet of them. This is no problem if it's only 5 NFTs or so. But if someone wants to move 50 NFTs at once it can get very time consuming.

What it does

Theta Sender is a platform that anyone can use to send different types of tokens, either to one single address or multiple addresses. The different token types are:

  1. TFuel
  2. TNT20 Token
  3. TNT721 Token (NFTs)

Users can send them from their wallet to different wallet addresses. First they select the token type and then upload a CSV file with the receiving address and the token amount/tokenId. For NFTs they can also send multiples to one wallet. Here we added an easy to use function, which loads the NFTs from the users connected wallet. Then they only need to select the NFTs and can send up to over 90 NFTs in one transaction.

How we built it

Our backend consists of a smart contract that bundles the transactions. This smart contract is called from our frontend which provides all the data needed. To load the NFTs in the users wallet we are using the OpenTheta api. For the other transaction options we use a CSV file that the user can upload and from which the website extracts the needed information.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was figuring out, to how may addresses tokens can be send at ones without running out of gas. Also one problem that we still have is that the transactions don't show up in the receivers wallet. This is especially a problem when distributing TFuel and the receivers can't see the transaction, only their balance increases.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building Theta Sender with a very simple and easy to understand interface was the main focus. We want to save peoples time, so they don't have to send tenth of transactions by hand but can do it with a few clicks.

What we learned

Even with a quite simple applications such as Theta Sender there are always problems that you can run into. We especially need to look into the gas consumption of token transfers, so the transactions of Theta Sender don't fail if they are too big.

What's next for Theta Sender

The next steps are is to integrate feedback from the community to make the website even easier to use. Also we are looking to add other sending methods, e.g. that you can send tokens to all addresses that hold a specific NFT.

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