People love to watch streams right? would it'd be cool if you could stream videos while browsing other websites or use other apps?

What it does

"Picture-In-Picture" Theta player does exactly that. we elevate the same technologies just like "Youtube Premium" to let users stream video all the time - anywhere.

How we built it

Theta will insert a new button (as seen on screenshot2) into the website. clicking on this button will detach the streaming video and let you move to other tabs while the video will appear in a smaller window on your desktop.

but why stop there? clicking on the extension icon on the "extension bar" in chrome will allow you to stream any video from the theta website even while you're browsing on other websites

What's next for Theta On The Go

It would be awesome to integrate user authentication, so people who watch streams could earn TFuel coins while doing that. we hope to implement it once the integration is available

Built With

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