complaints of crypto users who have difficulty sending their assets to their families or their employees with a large number of destination addresses and low fees

What it does

theta multisender tools can send products from theta in large quantities to many destinations and the transaction costs are cheaper and this also saves time compared to sending normally such as one address for one transaction

How we built it

starting with building the frontend and architecture with typescript as a language that is more compatible, and react as a framework. then building a backend base with solidity and a hardhat framework that functions to interact with the blockchain and create a multisender work structure

Challenges we ran into

  1. The difficulty we faced was to make the display more compatible with smart phone devices
  2. Integration between theta wallet and dapp is quite difficult even we can't at this time, we want there to be 2 options for choosing a wallet , metamask wallet and a theta wallet but theta wallet does not have an extension method. maybe in the future we will add this

Accomplishments that we're proud of

is being able to join and participate in this hackathon

What we learned

efficiency in the use of smart contracts, simplification of transactions and work, and gas costs


I will add features in the future

  • add options upload data and process data from txt,csv,json
  • options wallet connect more than 1

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