In the past few years, the NFTs have invaded the crypto space. Their evolution turned them from just “collectibles in your wallet” to having properties and utilities such as: Access, Memberships, Certificates, Redeem for physical products, in Game usage, Virtual and Augmented reality view... etc. More than anything, NFTs have begun to be an investment, where you spend money and have an interest to increase their value or having the possibility of regular payouts

What it does

We looking to deploy a smart settable NFT frame, where the users can choose and change their properties in order to determine the uniqueness value. Also we are planing to integrated them in a simple GameFi, where the Theta Invaders can obtain earnings by finding and exchanging resources, create colonies, nets and invade the space for a future Metaverse... Our financial model also will allow users to obtain and passive incomes by our proper token!

How we built it

The project will be build on Web 3 and Unity and here we facing the greatest difficulty

Challenges we ran into

We have a team from good NFT artist and financial specialist with good DeFi plan. We have lost our project developer, so we need huge help in this area. We will appreciate all the support from the community where we are not experts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created our NFTs, characters and accessories. Also we have 3D and AR models

What we learned

The most important thing we have learned is to never give up! We have begun to use web3 library, FBX models, three.js. etc

What's next for Theta Invaders

More odds and perks will be announced along with the project’s progress. Moving forward will increase the possibilities around this project and offer users more fun, excitement and surprises around Theta Invaders and of course make them more valuable and profitable.

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