Issue in a lot of current NFTs projects --- "They are not really on blockchain"

Today, it seems like the majority of NFT projects are using 3rd party hosting and being sold to customer's who might not be aware that what they are buying could possibly disappear in a few years, due to "link rot". Their preciously rare 40,000 dollar one-of-one NFT might become a "link not found" and literally only exist as a token 0; with the creator gone to the Camen Islands, enjoying mojitos while your left in the dust, having invested your life saving on what you thought to be a priceless piece of artwork. The solution to that, my friend, is decentralization and immutable smart contracts in a deterministic system.

My project solves this issue, by using strong well-coded smart contracts to convert the image into a base64 encoded string and pushes the entire NFT to the blockchain, utilizing "data urls". Therefore, the NFT will last as long as the blockchain is in existence. Theta makes this possible with their affordably low gas fee's and amazing blockchain infrastructure.

Website instructions

Please make sure the metamask extension is installed on your browser and you have added the theta test network, and selected it before visiting the website.

to add the network, click the link below, select the "testnet" slider in the top middle of the page, and search for 365, then click "connect wallet" and "add to metamask"

chainlist -- add theta testnet 365

Once the network is selected in your metamask and the page is refreshed, it should have loaded the collection of minted NFTs. Please click the hatch button and refresh the page.

What it does

These NFTs are stored 100% on Theta blockchain, meaning that they do not require IPFS, file coin, or any other 3rd party centralized hosting. In other words, they will not be subjected to "link rot" and will last as long as the blockchain.

The eggs will hatch automatically without the owner having to sign a transaction after a set amount of time following their mint date, presumably a year; unless the owner is willing to call the payable hatch function.

For the purposes of this demonstration, I disable some security features and set the fee to 0, in order for you guys to test it out.


A while back I was hit by a vehicle going 55mph+ while I was on a bicycle and was hospitalized, while my stuff got evicted. I ended up living under a bridge in a wheelchair, utilizing public computers; until I was gifted a laptop and have been studying blockchain development everyday, all day ever since. I pretty much live, breathe, and sleep smart contracts.

This project was inspired by the community's demand for an NFT collection that will provide a profitable investment. The marketing strategy I plan to employ will increase the value of the NFTs as the days are long.

Building Blocks

This project was built with love and the help of God, utilizing smart contracts coded in solidity with the hardhat framework, tested extensively before deploying to the Theta testnet. The front end was built in React and hosted with netlify, working on AWS elastic bean stalk; while the NFTs were hand drawn and animated with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Challenges & Lessons

  • Financial set backs
  • Using windows 7 in an ecosystem that seems to no longer support it, such as react, nodejs and Adobe.
  • As well as, being confined to the time duration of the Adobe trial edition
  • Restrictions on editing the video, such as davinci trying to make me restart my computer, which will close Adobe Ai and probably prompt me to pay for it.

  • Learned how to store data directly onto a blockchain without using any 3rd party hosting
  • As well as coding dynamically changing characteristics and displaying them on a front end, utilizing the hardhat framework.
  • learned about Elastic Bean Stalk
  • Leveled up my ability to create NFTs at a rapid pace

What's up next for Theta Eggs -- " The Moon!" 🚀

After finishing a collections of 10,000 unique NFTs, I plan to have them sold on the ThetaDrop marketplace. Then, upgrading my landing page to NEXTjs and providing a set of developer tools available to users on the theta testnet.

I have some really awesome sketches and ideas that might not make it to the website before the submission date.

I can almost guarantee I can get this project on the news 📺

It would be nice to get this funding, so I can upgrade my hardware and employ some digital artist to help make this the coolest NFT project on the theta network!

After launching this collections, I was planning on using the proceeds for developing a NFT game/metaverse project, where players can collect in game NFTs and display them on their characters stored on the blockchain. I was also thinking about adding a 3rd or even a 4th stage evolution, where the final stage gets activated when the game launches and the user connects to the platform and signs a transaction to be able to toggle with the final stage and save attachable NFTs that could potentially further increase the value or their character. This technology might be able to apply to all compatible smart contracts through a universal proxy.

I've also been in contact with some big players in the blockchain web3 space that Im hoping to get involved after this hackathon, to incorporate some strong developer tools to the Theta Ecosystem.


Prior to releasing the completed collection, I plan on using my connections to share my story on the news, advertising the NFTs; as well as the theta network. Then, selling the NFTs for about 100-200 dollars per egg on thetadrop and setting the hatch fee to about 400$. If the collection does not sell out during the drop, the tokens will be available on the minting site for ~more than double the initial price. So that tokenOwners can potentially double their investment right off the bat. In theory, the value of the tokens will increase by (hatchFee / hatchTimer) * timeElapsed + adjustedEquilibriumPrice. I also plan on incentivising tokenOwners to hatch their eggs in order to participate in fun events where they could potentially win large sums of cash prizes, airdrops...the whole nine yards.

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