There are many types of transactions on Theta blockchain.

For newcomers who don't know the program, they need a more visual and concrete way to tell them exactly what each transaction represents.

For those who already know the project well, they need some data monitoring tools to help them understand the progress of the project in real time.

What it does

Theta Data provides visual charts for each type of transaction, as well as the corresponding monitoring tools.

In the first version, we show detailed daily and hourly transaction data by transaction type in visual charts.

Two real-time monitoring tools are also available for transfer transactions and stake withdrawal transactions.

How we built it

FrontEnd : Typescript, React, Material UI.

Backend : Graphql, Typescript, Nest.js, Mysql , Redis, Nginx

Server : Aws Signapore.

Publishing and O&M: Gitlab CI&CD

Challenges we ran into

At the beginning, We took a detour in transaction data acquisition, and chose to synchronize data from Google BigQuery to my own server, but later found that there are some challenges in data transmission and storage.This solution was slow and expensive.

Finally, we found that it is more efficient and faster to query data directly from the local guardian node through the RPC interface.We only store the analyzed structured data in our own mysql database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We provide complete registration, login, data analysis, data visualization, monitoring data add, real-time email notification functions.

We also found that the official js sdk doesn't support typescript and server-side calls, so we wrote the simplest version of the typescript sdk with only one method which both support server-side and client-side.

What we learned

More understanding of Theta blockchain transaction types and the RPC interface of the guardian node.

What's next for Theta Data

Provide richer graphical presentation of data and more monitoring tools.

Add more third-party login methods, such as Google login, Facebook login, Theta Wallet authentication

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