I was talking with a friend few months back and he was talking about how terrible NFTs are. "Bro bro bro they're literally just pictures that everyone else can see". "Well people buy video game skins that other people can see too right?" I think that was one of the seeds of this project. The video game industry has seen massive growth in the opportunity for players to purchase in game content that adds stylistic choices to a player. We've seen triple A titles being released as free to play games because of the support they get from players buying 'skins' or other in game content.

What it does

Theta Arcade aims to bring NFTs into the gaming space. Starting with the framework to allow a user to either input their wallet address or connect a ThetaDrop account, users can then use their NFTs as in game characters. Once this frame work is established Theta Arcade aims to build on top of this and collaborate with content creators to have games associate with more details of their NFT. Perhaps a certain fighting move, victory animation or even a skin for in game weapons!

How we built it

Theta Arcade is built on a React web app. This web app uses various libraries and packages including the Web3 library. It is able to tap into the Theta Mainnet and scan for users contracts, NFTs and pull the various information from the blockchain. From there the game play is built into a Unity application where the Unity application can also interact with Theta's blockchain using a ChainSafe SDK.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was getting everything working together. It's one thing to build a Unity game, but then to have it behave with the block chain is another challenge, and then multiplied by having a Unity game work with the blockchain and then inside of a React application. Having all these different technologies work together can be trouble some at times. In addition, not all NFTs are created equal, whereas some have image and metadata information stored in a certain manner, the next NFT might be slightly different.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I believe that giving content creators and artist more opportunities to create NFTs beyond the standard image will provide a lot of value to the ecosystem. Those who understand NFTs know that they have so much possibility it's a bit difficult to put into words, being able to expand what NFTs can be and give them more versatility is something I'm proud of.

What we learned

Working with NFTs is always a bit challenging, but understanding how they're formatted and how the data is derived and manipulated is a huge step. Now that this is understood and the frame work is in place it provides a really good base to build off of.

What's next for Theta Arcade

There's a ton of things that I want to bring to Theta Arcade. One of which is I want to turn the 'arcade' into a 2D metaverse actual arcade. Where players can interact and walk around and play various arcade machines with their NFTs. With this I also want players the ability to mint NFTs based off achievements in game and also owning arcade machines. The ownership of these machines will provide a kickback when a user mints an NFT in the arcade machine. For example if a player was to reach level 9000 in 'Super Awesome Game 2', they could mint a badge to show off their achievement. The owner of the 'Super Awesome Game 2' arcade machine would receive a kickback off of that NFT mint. The arcade machine owner may also restrict certain access to levels or in game content based off NFT ownership. So working with content creators, we could have exclusive machines based if a user has an NFT or not. More closely in the future though we're going to look to expand the game library and release a mobile app.

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