The time of year; Haloween! We wanted to play around with a new interaction design concept so chose the rituals used in occult practices to form the basis of our product. To summon something, be it a demon or a magical artifact you have to offer 5 things, one on each point of a pentagram - so if you are looking for a job you should add 5 peices of information about yourself to summon the right job for you.

It's magical job hunting - for students of UPC or anyone at all.

What it does

The Summoning is an android app and pentagram shaped physical interface for you to add your CV details then summon an appropriate job using the infojobs API.

How we built it

Using 5 open NFC tags from one of the sponsors and Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

At first it was difficult to think of what to create, we wanted to play around with new and haloween themed HCI designs, trying to find a way to manifest this was a difficult choice as the amount of sponsor challenges meant the scope of potential solutions was great so hard to choose from.

As a small team of two it was not possible to link our app to the infojobs API. The infojobs API was difficult to access (site error).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was Sophie's first time using both Java and Android Studio and to be able to get something running and available to see on her phone was an exciting point for her. For Paula the exciting part of the project was to get hands on giving NFC tags a use since she has never worked with them before.

What we learned

Sophie: I learnt some Java and android studio fundamentals. Both the UI/layout design and some Java logic. Paula: I learnt that a good organization is really important, learned how to work with NFC tags and got to do an overview on the Infojobs API.

What's next for The Summoning

Achieving a successful login on Infojobs through its API, gathering and uploading the data to your Infojobs profile.

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