Looking for space is a hassle. It’s what compelled us to create an online platform for leasing office space. When one of the co-founders was relocating with his last company from Houston to Southern California he didn’t understand why he couldn’t find office space the same way he found his apartment. He joined up with two friends from home with real estate backgrounds to create TheSquareFoot.

There are many attributes beyond just size and price that are helpful when looking for office space. We've included a "Walk Score" on our listings since we started, and people find this really helpful. We're always listening to our clients and looking for new ways to help them. One thing we're asked about frequently is how noisy a particular area is. With NYC Open Data we're now able to answer that. Using noise complaint data, we've created a metric we're calling a "Quiet Score" that ranks buildings on a 0-100 scale and provides a general idea of the noise level for particular areas in New York City. We're pretty excited about this and have several internal lab experiments using open data that we hope we can share soon.

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