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✨ The Spot ✨

Our mobile app is a simple decentralized advertising platform that relies on private property for spread. By utilizing private property, we are able to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to advertise compared to traditional methods. Our app allows users to place ads on their own property and then share those ads with others in the community.

✅ user controlled prices and dynamic interest rates

✅ full transparency due to the CSC smart chain contract

✅ easy to use system enabled by tactile feedback

🔥 Inspiration 🔥

Our inspiration comes from Venice of all places. Not long ago, we went to Venice for a quick vacation. And in Murano, a place where there are no cars, the little glass shops along the water flow had ads for different brands of cars/rentals on them. That was weird. Apparently an agency was renting the glass window out of those shops. We wanted to do something that enables anyone to do that. ** BUT BETTER**

Check it out! 🧑


Presentation website:

Mobile app: (coming to Google Play soon in the future 🤞)

White paper:

🤖 Challenges we ran into 🤖

We are new to blockchain. That's a big issue. But using the CoinEx Smart Chain docs and information we were easily up and running. That aside, we also pivoted rather late into the development. Initially the plan was to use NFC in order to facilitate communication between the members of the system, but due to HCE lack of support on Apple's side we decided to move our focus to a bar code implementation.

🚀What's next for TheSpot - A Decentralized Advertising Platform 🚀

  1. Deploy to main net
  2. Reach both Google Play and Apple Store
  3. The moon maybe? 🌙
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posted an update

Ok, so after a long couple of days, we reached the end. And it wasn't even close! We had a full minute left on the clock!

Thank you to CSC for organizing this, it was lots of fun building everything from scratch (yes, we are mad).

Good luck everyone! :D

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