We just wanted to do some jazz hands, however an unsettling feeling sunk in when Nickle Back came on Spotify next. We wanted a Spotify that understood the importance of song choice when it came to dance.

What it does

Our application takes in the sick dance moves you throw down on the street and finds how many beats per minute you are dancing at. Once it finds your rate it chooses a song that matches your tempo. Don't worry though, no matter how off beat you like to be, we dynamically update the song.

How we built it

We use your phones accelerometers and perform mathematical analysis on the acceleration vectors to finds BPM. We continue to measure a rolling average with built in tolerances to not have songs switch too much but purposeful changes in "groove set" will match you to a new tune.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dancing at a large hackathon like no one is watching

What we learned

What's next for These Hips Don't Lie

*Running machine learning on dances to choose songs that have particular dance moves associated with them. *Visualizing the dance you preformed with a figure that matches your moves

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