Nowadays, cities are expanding relentlessly, more citizens, more infrastructures, more services and more products overall are needed to stand this everlasting growth. We are sure that you are not currently aware of the thousands of city sensors that are near to you, so, in order to improve your day to day, we have designed this project.

What it does

This platform gives the user the capacity to know better the status of the city he lives, i.e, users can retrieve information about parking lots, show their closest parkings, knowing the air quality, among others. With this information (updated constantly), users will be able to enjoy more the city and be aware of it's problems.

How we built it

This project is based on an API, offered by Thingtia. This API is the heart and soul of this work. On top of this layer, we built our own API (acting as a middleware, between the user and the cloud) allowing complete transparency and high scalability. This middleware acts as a platform for an hybrid application which is based on the ionic framework, letting multiplatform support. The application brings the sensors closer to the user with useful information that may be of their interest. The Thingtia API is awaiting constantly for sensor data, this API sends the information to our API (stored at an aws-ec2 and deployed with a dockerized mongodb and node.js) and finally it's send to the ionic clients using and updated automatically.

Challenges we ran into

Although the project was of a complex nature, we surpassed all the problems that stepped on our way. The main adversities we faced were: the simulation of a sensor network, which created and received real data. To achieve such level of simulation, our API also integrates the ability to emulate new sensor's information. The other big problem was to obtain an adequate level of abstraction and transparency, along with the dockerization of all the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a completely new API and hybrid running, using the services provided by the Thingtia cloud. Also we had the satisfaction to develop a project that may actually come true one day. This is why we are so proud of this project.

What we learned

We have learned how to use new sorts of technologies and improved the knowledge of the ones we already knew, enhancing our experience.

What's next for TheSCBarcelonaProject

As it's scalable and robust, this project can already support lots of new sensors and services, and it would be a good idea to integrate them one day.

You can check our work at our GitHub organization in the link you can find below.

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