Kids riding bikes, parents texting, no help if fallen, i fallen and i can't get up.

What it does

it detect if the child that is wearing the helmet has fallen using the accelerometer values.

How we built it

using an old foam helmet with a accelerometer and raspberry pi 3 model B attached

Challenges we ran into

Amazon Echo setup, finding the correct values that indicate that the child has fallen

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Arpan's first hardware project and Marty's first hackathon

What we learned

Learn the open source code for Amazon Echo Learn how to determine data values that apply to our project Learn how to use the texting feature provided by twillo Learn how to bots in our Amazon Echo feature to the project Learn how to design our product for commercial use Learn how to have fun with developing it

What's next for Safety Helmet

GPS for parents to locate there fallen child make it open as like GNU using smaller/more integrated parts to fit inside the helmet for kids to be comfortable while wearing it a usb camera taking pictures custom designs for kids to look cool a better way to detect injury that has happened to the child so it directs to call 911

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