Inspiration: we got inspired by wanting to help others manage their energy(specifically thermostat) well.

What it does: It takes input of what city you live in, uses the temperature, and gives recommendations on what you should set your thermostat to. We may add additional recommendations later.

How we built it: We used web development to create a website that will take in simple input.

Challenges we ran into: We ran into challenges of how to get a website set up from scratch. Although it was difficult, our team was able to persevere and research enough within the 24 hours to get a functional website.

Accomplishments: that we're proud of We are proud of learning to create a website through web development and pure coding. We are also proud of how we worked together.

What's next for Thermostat Optimizer: We will add additional recommendations, given the city of the user, that can help recommend them to set many more settings around their house to optimize efficiency.

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