When I was looking at all the available sensors for the NODE platform, a lot of neat ideas popped into my head. However, some of those ideas seemed like ones that certainly other people would have, and they probably would work on them. I really wanted to find something unique that I didn't think any one else would address; and that's how I came to fertility.

I feel like female fertility is something that isn't often talked about (have you heard of the Basal Body Temperature? None of my coworkers had). As for how technology addresses it, there a couple apps out there designed mostly for tracking a menstrual cycle that can tell your fertility as a by product of it's calculations. For the few number of apps that do specifically target fertility, they're coated in pink and sporting animations of storks flying around the screen.

As I researched this topic, I found many women asking how they should be charting the information- writing it down on a piece of paper on their night stand, or entering it into their phone to stick in an Excel spreadsheet at work. Additionally, in my research I found many warnings against accidentally forgetting to take the temperature, and ensuring that the temperature recording is the first thing you do in the morning.

I knew, immediately, that the simplicity of the NODE to connect to a device and its capability to transfer data over Bluetooth as well as the ability to store data in a mobile app, and perform local notifications and reminders would be a flawless solution for these women.

There are a few things I'm most proud of in this app. While it wasn't necessarily a difficult feature, I was happy to implement the "quick connect" feature that automatically connects the NODE device when you start the app. This was a huge requirement in my eyes considering that most people are tired and groggy and not quite all together when they're woken up at 5am. I'm also really proud of the custom activity I created to export and email all the temperature readings for a cycle as an Excel spreadsheet, this allows the doctors to format the data in any way they want, on their own machines.

This application targets women who want to monitor their fertility, and fertility clinics whose doctors want to alleviate the amount of work they must do to interpret and consume the basal body temperature readings given to them in different formats by their patients.

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