Targeted user groups:

Students, Scientists and Engineers

The primary functions of this app:

  1. To calibrate for the measuring junction temperature of a basic thermocouple circuit based on the reference junction temperature and the voltmeter measurement provided by the user;

  2. To compute the reference function and its inverse for a specific thermocouple type*, using the input value provided by the user. The exact working of the computation is displayed;

  3. To display the graphs of the reference functions and the Seebeck coefficients of the thermocouple types*;

  4. To provide various implementations of the reference function computation, for use with the standard reference function data (NIST-SRD60). Currently available in C, Java and Python, these packages are downloadable on the app's website, and the source codes within each package are viewable in a browser;

The app also provides the following subsidiary functionalities:

  1. Online access to the database of reference functions implemented by this app;

  2. A quick reference on the basic properties of each thermocouple type, including their chemical compositions, effective temperature ranges and recommended uses.

*The data on the thermocouple types are provided by the NIST SRD60 database.

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