Inspiration comes from day to day life and ways to integrate different modes of using Thermal Imaging in different scenarios.It was tough as we didn't had the Flir Camera.So we had certain things in mind that we will implement as we get it and modify it

What it does

It uses the thermal heat and camera perception of a person and identifies the animal close by.I am trying to integrate OpenCV and work more as we get the camera.

How I built it

I used Android Studio to start the app and then used Flir SDk to create the app.I used the Java and basic ImageView technique to get started further we will add OpenCV for counting and then Flir to Store data generate alert.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't have the camera so it was tough as I had to do assumptions on things like how the camera perceives data still the video tutorial played a vital role on creating the app.We intent to modify the app as we get the camera with Open CV modules

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting my first app ready for Flir was best thing for me as I am new and trying to adapt and know more it was a good learning experience to get a hands on experience with android studio

What I learned

I learned Android Studio and OpenCV usage with learning of Java integrating Flir SDk

What's next for ThermalImagingFlir

high end Integration of OpenCV with Flir detection animals fro further points raising alarm etc

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