Hey friends as we know that we are going through a pandemic situation. Social distancing is become a manersing problem today. It's not an easy task to identify an infected and non infected persons in a mass. thermal scanners are the most commonly used method in this present time, but is that sufficient? No ..Not at all. It will give the result only when we approach the person with thermal scanner . So here is the importance of our new innovation.

What it does

THERMAL DISPLAY MASK. Which can sense your body temperature and display it on your mask. Moreover the three coloured signal system showcase severeness of the body temperature even from a long distance.

How we built it

Through 3d modelling by blender.

Challenges we ran into

implementing cost efficient IR sensor and RGB coloured display.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Recogonised by college in precognition idea battle event

What we learned

type of sensor used for body temperature detecting, importance of thermal display mask in present scenario.

What's next for Thermal Display Mask

apart from that we are planing to develop a smart mask, which have bluetooth facilities like music facilities, heartbeat detecting, oxygen level detecting in person body.

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