In a world where human waste and energy consumption has propelled the environment into a potentially irreversible state of climate change, where we consume over 80 Gigajoules of energy, only to end up wasting 61-86% through inefficient practices, where our crumbling infrastructure and bad habits have only further perpetuated the modern energy crisis - we know something had to be done to save the world. With nothing but our wits, energy drinks and 36 hours of hacking we created Therma-Hack which would allow regular people to track and identify key areas of heat leakage in their home. Armed with this knowledge, people will be motivated to make steps towards better insulating their home, reducing heat waste for rooms not in use, and ultimately making a conscious effort to save the world.

Well how does it work? We used the Particle Photon to relay the temperature from different locations around the house and send it to a live database (Azure) that displays the temperature from each module. Rather than using a typical heat sensor, (which requires unnecessary materials for production) we measured the forward voltage induced from LED's and converted this voltage into temperature, significantly reducing the cost of production without a significant drop in accuracy. The Photon code was compiled using and the particle publishes its data to an eventhub, and by using connectthedots we were able to send the results to Microsoft Azure for viewing.

The goal is to have one of these devices at every window or room where heat leakage may occur, from there Photon will report to a central hub for easy monitoring. Together, with the power of Therma-Hacks we can increase awareness of heat waste in homes and push to make the world a better place for ourselves and our posterity.

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