Help and participate on the covid crisis, by creating a fun to use platform to encourage social distancing and understanding the mathematics behind epidemics.

What it does

The platform allow users to understand their risk based on their location (region specific cnn, with a resolution of 500m), behavior, health conditions and more.

The platform also provides a simulation on the spreading of Covid-19 per country and globally.

How we built it

We use a SEIR model that we built in python to model the spread of Covid, based on studies calculating the incubation period (period where you have the virus but no symptoms), the infectious period and the number of currently infected persons in each regions of the world (based on an aggregation of governments data disclosure)

We also give the users a visual prediction of the cases in his city with cnn, to personalize the risk and really impact people.

Challenges we ran into

  1. The modelization of covid was way harded than expected, a lot of factor had to be taken into account.

  2. The data aggregation seemed simple at first, but rapidly got complicated, because each countries and cities have their own way to disclose and present the data.

  3. Making the platform scientific AND easy to use and understand was a great challenge that took a lot of effort and testing. We are proud of the result !

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having 1 700 users in the first 24 hours was a great achievement !

Being able to deliver our application in 4 weeks, with only 6 persons, was really satisfying.

What we learned

We learned a lot on the architecture of a strong and reliable web service. To allow for multiple users to navigate through our platform without any lag, we had to implement a kubernetes and docker infrastructure. We learned a lot on it !

We also got a lot of feedback from our first users on technical, design and usability of our platform. We developed skills in versioning and maintenability.

Finally, we did learn how to code Rest APIs following the web standards.

What's next for TheRiskTracker

The next step is to develop the crowd sourcing part of our app, in which users declare how well they feel on a daily basis, and then use this information to get more precise data on infected people and thus, more precise risk analysis.

TheRiskTracker is also a possible product, for future risks that humanity faces.

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