Project Goal

To build a game and ecosystem that takes advantage of blockchain technology & NFTs to the fullest while onboarding new players without them even initially realizing the game runs on-chain.


When the two of us started developing this trading-card game (TCG), we wanted to launch the game to get on the market as quickly as possible. However, the more we built and more time we spent in this little MicroCosmos, the better, cooler and more extensive this game became. In this wacky movie TCG noir style, you’ll get to know the world of theRevolt. theRevolt is a collectible card game in which collectible NFT playing cards become a fast-paced strategy game. Hidden in one of many gripping storylines are cards that you pack into your own deck, which can be used in battles against your friends, boss fights, or even in the various tournaments. It’s a fun, addictive & engaging game where you can defeat your opponents with your cards. The cards in your deck are your tools that you use to compete & win in battles.: Weapons that you turn against your opponent; Equipment that protects you from attacks, and actions that you can perform differently, defend yourself or attack & damage your opponent. In theRevolt, humans, androids, good guys and bad guys fight each other. Your deck symbolizes your character. It’s up to you which type of fighter you are - the defensive type or the attacker! Easily buy, sell, or trade your NFT cards on the marketplace. A fully-functional marketplace is directly integrated into the game on launch. A closed demo was already available & a closed beta is coming soon. Through our incredibly awesome (still small) community, we’ve been able to get feedback, work on issues with the app & have kept it that way with weekly updates. We are really proud of this backing & support from this cool community! Why did we make a blockchain game?

Player-owned economy

We believe players should own their in-game assets. Through the use of blockchain and NFTs, we’re able to make this possible. Players can buy, sell, or trade their cards directly on the marketplace.


We want to make blockchain accessible to everyone! We want your little brother, your mom and your friend’s friend’s friend’s cat to be able to play this game without ever having heard of the Blockchain. It’s like the Matrix, you know it’s there, but you don’t see it!

Onboarding new users

We believe gaming & Gamefi is a great way to onboard new users into the web3 ecosystem and our game makes the introduction simple & intuitive.

Play 2 Earn

Play to earn tokens, cards, & other NFTs by competing in battles & tournaments.

Our Token (REV)

Our ICO token is REV, which is currently only tradable on SunSwap. You can use the InGame Token (TERCIUM) to buy new cards, sell your cards on the market, play against your friends or participate in tournaments & win them too! The time is near, we’re almost ready to launch. theRevolt will launch and be downloadable as a mobile app in the Appstore & Playstore. Closed beta will begin in August. We are far from being exhausted, we have many more cool features that we are working on right now & more that we want to create that you wouldn’t expect in trading-card games… but we won’t reveal them yet See you soon!

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