Who created it: Cole Hudson, Tim Kaing, Elizabeth Siegle, Amanda Truong, and Adil Virani

What we built: We created BitCatcher, an iOS App + Website that was designed with Sketch and developed with Obj-C, Swift, Parse, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, and including the Braintree & Blockchain API.

Why we created it: We wanted to create a fun application for users to learn more about the magical currency we know as bitcoin. By playing this game, users are required to have or create a bitcoin wallet, thus beginning their journey. With a simple game which only costs a quarter, this game really goes back in time, but with a chance at a more lucrative reward. We also wanted to crack a challenge at the Braintree API. Since the API only works for Obj-C, we configured/fixed the API compatible with Swift and are willing to make it open source.

How to play: The game controls are relatively esay.

  1. Start the game
  2. Press Play (Enter a quarter)
  3. Press on the left and right side of the screen to guide your character
  4. Catching dollars will give you 1 point, catching bitcoins will give you 5 points. Each form of currency that is missed results in a loss of a life.
  5. Restart and play again!

Art, Sprites, Icon, and Mockups were Designed by Tim Kaing --Had a lot of inspiration from classic platformers such as Earthbound and Bubble Bobble

We hope you enjoy our App!

**And a special thanks to..." Major League Hacking and their wonderful sponsors for making this incredible event possible!

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