After brainstorming ideas for this hackathon, I was wondering about what therapists and psychiatrists were near my area. After thinking of that, I instantly got to work.

What it does

It's a website that plots nearby therapists and psychiatrists within a 10,000 meter radius. Each marker represents a therapist/psychiatrist, and it displays useful information like the name of the office, the address of the office, the rating, and number of ratings.

How I built it

I built the front end using React and the Google Maps API. I built the backend using Flask, Geocoder API, and Google Places API.

Challenges I ran into

  • I've never worked on the front end for a website before (or JavaScript in general), meaning I had to learn React over the course of this hackathon
  • I was constantly running into issues related to states in React (specifically states not updating), and getting over those issues took hours of debugging.
  • Initially I was going to use webscraping to gather data for nearby psychiatrists. However, after writing all the code for it, it was very slow. I had to rewrite all the backend code to use the Google Maps API instead, which was much faster. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Usually when I go to hackathons I go with a friend who's pretty good at front end, while I work on the back end. I'm pretty proud I managed to create both the front and back ends of a website all by myself. ## What we learned
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • How states work in React
  • How components work in React
  • How to use the Google Maps JavaScript API ## What's next for TheraTracker Add a lot more CSS to display more information, and add a search bar so that users can actually search for nearby therapists and psychiatrists in other locations besides their home.
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