What it does

TheraTech is a Kinect application made with Asp.Net and powered by machine learning. TheraTech is made to gamify rehabilitation. The user is recorder via the Kinect and our machine learning algorith compares the skeletal structure to the correct movement that the therapist prescribes in the virtual world.

How I built it

We user Asp.Net, C#, Kinect, Rust/Go machine learning, Node.JS, and a Linode server to make this project

Challenges I ran into

We have never made a Kinect application before and so this was a new experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We mentored each other in technologies that we were weak in, and at the end of the hackathon we have learned a lot of information.

What I learned

Kinect applications, Node.Js, Rust/Go machine learning.

What's next for TheraTech

We would like to continue to refine our algorithms and make sure we this can go in the market. We know that rehabilitation can be hard and painful, but we would like to substitute the "hard" with "fun".

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